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Putting a couple of designs on a T-shirt goes a long way in spicing up a plain, ordinary T-shirt. Cute, adorable, and unique t-shirt designs make these garments more fashionable than ever before.

In case you’re wondering what T-Shirt printing method you can use to start producing your own selection of shirts…

Below, you’ll discover all the t-shirt printing methods available at Conquest Sports.  We’ll share their unique benefits with you.

After reading this post, you’ll have a better idea which t-shirt printing method to choose.

Screen Printing #1

This is one of the most preferred t-shirts printing methods. If you’ve got a t-shirt that features a printed graphic and has remained vibrant, soft, and smooth for long, there are high chances that it was screen printed. Meaning that you can count in screen printing for all your t-shirt printing needs. However, it’s not the best option for everything.

The technique requires you to create a stencil (or template).

Screen printing is a great option if you’re working on a large project. However, don’t count on it as a viable option if you are working on one-offs or smaller quantities.

For instance, if you want to print hen or stag T-shirts, screen printing would require that you create a new screen for each t-shirt plus it will take a lot of time d it wouldn’t be cost effective.

Heat Transfer #2

Heat Transfer employs a unique, soft clothing that is professionally cut using CAD cutter and other special software. Then you print this material onto your t-shirt using heat press method.

The method allows you to print one-off designs and even longer runs, making it a great alternative for printing multiple garment types. Furthermore, it lets you layer vinyl, which makes it possible for you to print in different colors (and create vibrant designs).

Vinyl works well for the slogan, small graphics, and words. But it’s not suitable for large printed areas as your t-shirt may lose its flexibility.

Sublimation Printing #3

Have you ever come across a t-shirt with an all over print on it?

If yes, that could be sublimation printing. Sublimation works best when used for all over and oversize printing. It’s capable of transforming the whole t-shirt into a great piece of art.

With sublimation dye process, you can do a galaxy print, repeat pattern. But you’ll need special shirts made from 100% polyester (dry-fit).


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